Features Of An Offsite Data Storage Facility

Companies that offer a professional offsite backup service are serious about looking after your data. Many of these companies have people that have experience in military level security and extremely high levels of technology. These technologies and techniques are surprisingly advanced, and understand that may mean more than gadgets. From the concrete that the building is made of, through to the types of steels used, and temperature control materials, are all a part.

Let's take a look at some of the measures that these companies take with the safe storage of your data. It is important to note that many of them will never release full information on what they do, even to clients, and disclosure of any information by any existing or previous client, would be a serious breach of their agreements.

  • Location. There are many factors considered for the location of a facility. Region, laws and climate will play a significant role in decision making. Away from the prying eyes of public and often in remote locations that allow for a large amount of surveillance around the facility.
  • Underground. Underground military bunkers are the perfect locations for these facilities as underground locations offer a range of added security features.
  • Construction. Materials used in the construction of these facilities is typically much more than the norm. Super thick walls made of special materials and techniques that even take a bomb blast are what you can expect. The latest technologies in construction keeping that construction are used.
  • High tech. Entering a facility can feel like entering something out of a James Bond movie, with super high technologies. Motion, temperature, light and sound are all monitored. Retina and finger print technologies are commonly used for security beyond the regular smart cards.
  • Compartmentalisation. This an another essential security feature, as individual data will be stored separately in different sectors. Data on how this is managed and even plans of the facility will also be protected.
  • Personnel. Staff with the experience, background, knowledge and what are fully checked and conversant with required procedures make up a critical part of any facility. Effective fail safe measures and total system cross checking are essential. No one person can do anything.
  • Power. Naturally sufficient, any one of these facilities can maintain all levels of security without reliance on external services for extended periods of time is critical. Self managed generators that can supply the facility for extended time frames is normally the case.
  • IT security. Keeping the facility functioning also allows it to maintain its own security. Remember that your data can probably only access in a physical or online sense by choice. Many companies take the measure to store large amounts of important data completely offline for super offsite data storage security.

Checking the facility of your potential supplier is probably an option although you will be subject to very serious non-disclosure agreements and you will certainly not allow to complete understanding of all of the features they use.

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