7 Leading Causes of Stress

In 1967, Thomas H. Holmes and Richard H. Rahe, from the University of Washington, did a study on the connection between significant life events and illness. As part of that study, they compiled a chart of the major causes of stress. That chart, which contained 43 causes of stress in 1967, was updated to 55 causes in 2006. Appropriately, society is finding more causes to feel stressed.

If you knew the leading causes of stress in your life, would you take action to eradicate them? Can you eradicate stress – or is it it an inoperable condition that will be with you all of your life, possibly causing your sudden death?

Which Is Your Leading Cause of Stress?

1. Finances

Most studies agree that finances are a leading cause of stress. In an online poll conducted in 2005 by LifeCare, Inc., 23 percent of respondents named finances as the leading cause of stress in their lives. Financial stress has led the list in many modern polls.

Some who name finances as the leading cause of stress cite major purchases they have to make, such as a home or car. Others are stressed by a loss of income, or mounting credit card debt. For some, financial stress will event in bankruptcy. While college students stress over paying for an education, Baby Boomers and older senior citizens find that retirement income can be a major cause of stress.

2. Work

Closely tied to finances as a cause of stress is work. Our jobs or careers seem to cause constant stress. In the LifeCare poll, 21 percent of those responding listed this as the leading cause of stress in life.

How is the workplace a cause of stress? We worry about getting and keeping adequate employment. We worry about new types of work or new responsibilities. We struggle to climb a career ladder, overwhelmed by the demands. Work conditions may change, or we may have interpersonal trouble at work. Students, especially teenagers and college age students, cite school work as a cause of stress. Sometimes, work stress is brought on by others. Sometimes, we bring it on ourselves.

3. Family

Family, wonderful though each member may be, is also a leading cause of stress. Arguments erupt with a spouse or other family member. Parents divorce. Children marry. The ebb and flow of family life is filled with stress. A child moves out – an aging parent moves in.

Family health is also a leading cause of stress. A sick family member, a serious injury, pregnancy, miscarriage, or abortion all cause stress. Family changes of other kinds bring stress, too. Adoption, relocation, and job changes for just one family member can cause stress for all.

4. Personal Concerns

Personal concerns that are only indirectly created by others are another top cause of stress. Lack of control tops the list of personal concerns. Every human has a deep-separated desire for control over his or her own life. When control is weak or missing in a given area, we experience stress. To many people, a lack of control over their own time is a leading cause of stress. We want to determine when we do tasks around the home, or at work. Holding a job, participating in the children's carpool to school, driving family to soccer practices, shopping, and scout meetings while trying to keep the household running can create major stress. You would like to control your time, rather than let others' demands control it, but that is not always possible.

We may be involved in legal proceedings that cause stress. We may be wrestling with a bad habit. We may be going through changes. Personal change of any kind can be a cause of stress.

5. Personal Health and Safety

Most people find that personal health is a leading cause of stress. For some, the stress is linked to obesity, and a desire to lose weight. For others, the stress is a personal bas habit that affects health and must be changed. For example, smoking, abuse of alcohol or other drugs. Illness or injury, whether less or more serious, can be a leading cause of stress for many people. Incontinence can be an ongoing concern. Personal health is more or less stressful according to the degree of seriousness and our personal outlook on health.

Personal safety is also a leading cause of stress. Women, more than men, tend to stress about their own and others' safety. Adults tend to stress more than young people, who may act invincible. Crime is a factor, as is

6. Personal Relationships

Whether it is a friendship, dating, separation, marriage, divorce, or re-marriage, a relationship can be a leading cause of stress for many. We all want love, and that is potentially available in relationships, but getting from A to B can be very stressful. Some resort to online relationships that are easier to handle. Others withdrawal and become recluses. Either way, the demands on time, finances, and emotions can cause ongoing stress.

7. Death

Probably the most wrenching cause of stress is the death of a loved one or close friend. Even the death of a pet can be stressful. Children are always a source of stress for parents, but when a child dies, the stress is overwhelming. The same is true when a lifetime spouse passes on.

Win or Lose

Causes of stress change as we age. The stressed child who thread tantrums becomes a young student, stressed by the school bully. The young student becomes a teenager, stressed by acne, hormones, and dating. The teenager becomes a young adult trying to handle the stresses of leaving home, adjusting to college life, and managing finances. Life progresses to first jobs, marriage, children, and so on. Even if you move to a secluded cabin in the woods, stress will follow you.

Gaining knowledge of the leading causes of stress is important. Using that knowledge to win over unhealthy stress is vital.

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Effective Job Numbering And Cost Code Systems


Many companies have a sequential job numbering system, but have you considered the possibility of altering the numbering sequence so you can pull reports for a certain type of project or projects by year and the informational reports that could be generated?

And, are your cost codes sufficient to cover the details you need to see in your reports? Do you lump all site related travel and compliance into one code, or do you have the details of hotels vs. housing and meals vs. subsistence?

Not all software programs are sophisticated enough to allow for customized job type numbering sequences; however, even the basic job cost software systems can be adapted to allow for an advanced numbering system.

Specific Job Numbering Sequences

Advanced reporting techniques can yield a wealth of information. How jobs are numbered so ease the reporting burden so projects of a certain type and / or year can be easily excluded from the software. Samples of numbering sequences could be based on the following criteria:

· Year project was awarded

· Public vs. private works

· Commercial vs. residential

· Construction vs. service

· Division (s) of the Company

If your software allows, you may start the job number with the year awarded, followed by the job type and then a sequential number. Management may request a report for gross revenue on all commercial contractor improvement projects in 2013. If you have a numbering sequence, this would be an easy report to pull, rather than go through all your 2013 projects and manually add the numbers to obtain the results.

The job cost master file is another good source of information if all fields are completed and there is a common usage of custom fields that can be used to pull reports.

Cost Codes – Too few or Too Many?

Often we see cost code lists that spill onto multiple pages. Most job cost software programs allow for use of one cost code for multiple categories (Labor, Materials, Direct Job Expense, etc.).

A good source to use for establishing a cost code list is the bid recap and detail sheets used when bidding projects. This will yield the different stages of labor, types of materials to install associated with that labor, the different types of equipment to be rented, categories of subcontractors and the details of direct job costs to be incurred.

These activities can be "numbered" to establish a list of cost codes. If the software allows for use of one code across multiple categories, give thought to not duplicating descriptions, but arranging codes together by "type" of work being performed, rented equipment, direct job expenses, work typically contracted out, etc.

Keeping your cost codes consistent will then allow even more sophisticated reporting – management can now ask for all commercial contractor improvement projects in 2013 and the total cost of crane rents for the year on those specific projects.

Why Go Through These Steps?

History is a great source of information when anticipating the future. Cost details can be analyzed for specific types of jobs when preparing to bid a similar project. Historical information can be analyzed for margins on certain types of projects or a division of the company to make decisions on whether or not a certain type of work is profitable.

If fields are available in the job cost master file, reports can be declined not only by type and year but by project manager as well to look at performance and estimate vs. actual results.


When developing any numbering system, consistency is important in order to maximize the reporting results. Management should determine the information they wish to see and develop job numbers and cost codes that will allow for advanced reporting not only to themselves but provide useful information to estimating, project managers and accounting as well.

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The Purpose And Benefits Of School Entrance Examinations

Acquiring for a formal education has become an integral part of our existence long before the establishment of colleges and universities. Based on archaelogical findings, evidence of early forms of schooling were seen among artifacts such as clay tablets with carved symbols, carvings on cave walls and among others.

Today, educational institutions are in neck to neck competition in terms of setting excellent educational standards aimed at admitting only the best students and producing topmost quality of graduates. To be able to achieve such objectives, school boards and administrations have implemented control measures to ensure that only students who qualify or pass certain categories are admitted to the school of which entrance examinations are one of the control measures applied.

Are entrance exams just in judging the capacities of a student? It is the prerogative of an educational institution to set standards that will assess the overall capacity of a student by way of an admission examination and admit or deny their application for school admittance in accordance with existing laws set by the Department of Education. Some schools however do not have any entrance exams as long as a student meets the basic requirement for the next level of education. However, denial of any application must be based on existing policies and requirements and not because of any other unjust issues.

For what purpose are entrance exams undertaken by aspiring enrollees? Entrance exams are beneficial not just to the school itself but also to the students and aspiring enrollees. Such control measures are established by the school administration to filter students from among the best and only the best are admitted to the school as there are schools that aim towards excellence where the intellectual capacity of a student bears more than the financial capacity. Doing so guarantees the administration that high standards are maintained. Furthermore, producing topmost quality of students or graduates gives the school an unquestionable prestige and honor in the absence of any controversies that will fuel doubts and question the reputation of the school. Moreover, schools that maintain the highest standards take pride in being generalized as having the best students and graduations making the school collaborative with excellence or intelligence.

Students who passed such exams and historically admitted to such schools have a distinct sense of fulfillment and pride in them called "bragging rights" that earn them an edge over other students from other institutions. In addition being with intelligent company is a good motivational tool and stimulant for a person to strive and improve for the best and not to mention the learning from various points of view.

Indeed choosing a reputable school that offers a good quality of education and being a graduate of it is a plus factor in seeking for an employment. Whether we deny it or not, there are big companies that prefer graduates of reputed schools as to them, the school's name itself is already a guarantee of a high quality employee.

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The Five Goals of Software Testing

Testing can mean many different things depending on who is doing it, and where in a process it is being performed. The programmers, administrators, users, and consultants all have something different in mind when they are testing. A dedicated tester can often feel lost in the competing interpretations. To be effective however a tester needs a specific job description. These five goals of software testing are a very good basis.

Most misunderstood about testing is the primary objective. If you think it is to find defects then you are wrong. Defects will be found by everyone using the software. Testing is a quality control measure used to verify that a product works as desired. Testing provides a status report of the actual product in comparison to requirements (written and implicit). At its simplest this is a pass / fail listing of product features; at detail it includes confidence numbers and expectations of defect rates throughout the software.

This is important since since tester can hunt bugs forever yet not be able to say whether the product is fit for release. Having a multitude of flaw reports is of a little use if there is no method by which to value them. A corporate policy needs to be in place regarding the quality of the product. It must state what conditions are required to release the software. The tester's job is to determine whether the software fulfills those conditions.

Priority Coverage
Not everything can be tested. Not even a significant subset of everything can be tested. Therefore testing needs to assign effort reasonably and prioritize thoroughly. This is a no means a simple topic. Usually you'd like to have every feature covered with at least one valid input case. This ensures at least a base line utility to the software.

Beyond the base line you'll need to test further input permutations, invalid input, and non-functional requirements. In each case the realistic use of the software should be considered. Highly present and frequent use scenarios should have more coverage than infrequently encountered and special scenarios. Overall you target a wide breadth of coverage with depth in high use areas and as time permits.

Exactly what was tested, and how it was tested, are needed as part of an ongoing development process. In many environments such proof of activities are required as part of a certification effort, or simply as a means to eliminate duplicate testing effort. This should not mean extra documentation, it simply means keeping your test plans clear enough to be reread and understood.

You will have to agree on the documentation methods; each member of the team should not have their own. Not all features should be documented the same way however: several different methods will likely be employed. Unfortunately there are not a lot of commonly agreed principles in this area, so in a way you're kind of on your own.

Tests must balance the written requirements, real-world technical limitations, and user expectations. Regardless of the development process being employed there will be a lot unwritten or obligatory requirements. It is the job of the tester to keep all such requirements in mind while testing the software. A tester must also realize that they are not a user of the software, they are part of the development team. Their personal opinions are but one of many considerations. Bias in a tester invariably leads to a bias in coverage.

The end user's perspective is obviously vital to the success of the software, but it is not all that matters. If the needs of the administrators can not be met the software may not be deployable. If the needs of the support team are not met, it may be unsupportable. If the needs of marketing can not be met, it may be unsellable. The programmers also can not be ignored; every defect has to be prioritized with respect to their time limits and technical constraints.

The discovery of issues should not be random. Coverage criteria should expose all defects of a determined nature and priority. Furthermore, later surfacing defects should be identifiable as to which branch in the coverage it would have occurred, and can thus present a definite cost in detecting such defects in future testing.

This goal should be a natural extension to having traceable tests with priority coverage. It reiterates that the testing team should not be a chaotic blackbox. Quality control is a well structured, repeatable, and predictable process. Having clean insight into the process allows the business to better gauge costs and to better direct the overall development.

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Self Improvement – Online Courses That Work

Various self improvement online courses are now available on the web. These courses are designed to help people become better in everything they do as well as achieve a sense of renewal within themselves. If you are one of those people who want to improve your skills, develop a positive attitude, or learn how to deal with different aspects of life, you simply have to search the Web for self improvement techniques.

Self improvement online courses are available in different forms. They can be in the form of e-books, daily emails, online discussions, or audio materials among others. Some of these online courses are offered free while others come with affordable charges. Self improvement websites have come up with seminars, programs, and courses to help people ameliorate the quality of their lives starting from themselves. Some key topics for these courses include increasing self esteem, increasing self confidence, building positive self image, and making a better person among others. Other self improvement courses also include practical topics such as obtaining better job salary, building muscles, gaining / losing weight, communicating with others, and many more. All these lead to improving one's self image so that you can feel good about yourself as well as your entire life.

If you want to participate or avail of such courses, all you have to do is search online. You will definitely find different websites offering self improvement courses, programs, workshops, and seminars to aid you in achieving the goals for yourself. You can partake in these courses free of charge or with affordable fees.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Recruitment

The use of the Internet for recruitment has continued to increase and many companies now provide the ability to apply for jobs on their corporate websites. Like many other online activities, there are advantages and disadvantages to recruiting online. On balance however, the numerous advantages of online recruitment significantly outweigh the disadvantages.

The Advantages of Online Recruitment

Wider reach

Employers now look at online recruitment as an integral part of any recruitment strategy, as it enables them to find a much larger number and geographic reach of job seekers and find highly qualified candidates for the positions they are looking to fill.

Lower cost

Posting a job online works out much cheaper in comparison with traditional recruitment methods, such as advertising in local newspapers. Also, online job sites tend to offer reduced advertising packages to increase the visibility of any job postings online, which gives increased value to the employer.

The online recruitment process can also help employers to avoid using intermediaries, such as recruitment agents, and therefore avoid the associated costs. This approach also enables the employer to directly contact potential candidates.

Time savings

The amount of time that needs to be sent finding and hiring a good candidate is also greatly reduced through the increased automation within the process. Automated filters can be applied to screen applicants to ensure that only candidates who match specific criteria can apply for the job. This can save a huge amount of time by reducing the volume of applications to a select few very quickly.

The Disadvantages of Online Recruitment

Volume of candidates

It is very possible that an employer may receive a huge volume of applications if the screening process is not used effectively, or the criteria are set too loosely. Many people will include details in their profiles where they have only had a small amount of experience, but if these details pass the criteria set, then an application could still be submitted.

False information

This is a danger in any recruitment process, but could be considered to be more so when recruiting online. What candidates have said about themselves online in their profiles or resumes may not necessarily match the skills that they actually possess. The skills that they may claim to have can not be verified until the employee actually meets the candidate, which means that time may be wasted meeting candidates that are not suitable for the job.

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Work at Home Mom – Dream and Dream BIG

I would like to encourage you to dream and dream BIG because the benefits to you and your family by being a stay at home / work at home mom are wonderful. Work at home is a great option for those who want to stay close to the family and avoid everyday hurdles of traveling, yet earn some money by using his or her own talent and qualifications. But if you are convinced of your vision, where you want to go, and the benefits that are yours on the journey, you will stay the course and in the end, the rewards of being a stay at home / work at home mom are yours to enjoy.

Real work at home is possible, and there are true opportunities out there, but only if applicants manage to avoid Internet scams. Those who spend any time surfing the 'net at all will come across an Internet scam that preaches real, live, work at home opportunities. No legitimate job opportunity is going to ask you to put up money upfront, on the Internet or otherwise. If you are asked for money upfront, you are in the middle of an Internet scam.


There are lots of opportunities waiting for you, just have to know where to look. Start with what you know, talk to HR departments where you've worked and see if they have any opportunities you're not aware of. In all forums there are women looking for opportunities to work from home and stay home with their children. Keep in mind that starting a work at home mom business, especially by joining organizational based income opportunities takes real work and effort.


Working from home is never been easier now with the internet so easily available. The internet has opened up possibilities for learning an income from home that is really unbelievable. Yes the internet is opening up more possibilities for moms who want to work from home. Developing an Internet home base for your work at home business is a smart idea as it can help do anything from selling products online to advertise your offline business online. Check out the Internet for sample work at home business plans and build a plan, whether you are just starting out and need funds or to monitor how you are doing. Ideally, you can select a home based internet business having computerized systems and integrated marketing tools.

Too many people believe the Internet is a place to get rich quick with no effort needed. Money does not simply grow on trees- at least that's what my dad told me – a certain amount of work has to be done in order to earn the huge sums of money you see boasted around the internet. If you take the time to learn new skills and knowledge to enable you to succeed online, you will be able to make money on the internet.


The benefits of becoming a work at home mom are endless. The reason many moms choose to work at home is for the freedom and flexibility it allows. The obvious advantages of being a work at home mom are financialsavings, no more commuting to and from a job, and spending more quality time with your loved ones. I say the best way to work at home is to have a home business that involves your children, if you have them and works around your family life, allowing you to make your own hours and schedule. One thing that many people fail to take into account when they begin to work at home is the isolation they may feel and how they can combat the loneliness that comes with working from home. Your likelihood of success is greater if you start your home based internet business using a program that already has a vast and expanding market.

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Effective Forex Trading Strategy That Works!

To be successful in Forex Trading, there are several effective strategies key to helping you earn big in forex trading. Many traders after a while tend to forget the simple basic rules they learn in Forex Trading. Let me share with you these simple yet important strategies that really work.

Some traders rely on fundamental and technical analysis. No matter what your trading plans are, you have to make sure that it can be simple to follow and only requires minimal interpretation. This means that your analysis should always stick to the trading plan you created instead of confusing yourself on how to interpret certain actions that need to be done on a strategy being applied. You have to create a plan which is based on simplicity so analysis will not be that hard.

Remember for a strategy to work out in forex trading, it must strictly follow the current market trend. This is important as this will serve as a strong guide in every decision that you have to take. Make sure that you are fully aware of the current market trend so you will be able to pick the perfect strategy that fits on the specific trend. To accurately interpret the future trends in the market, some successful traders rely on well tested Robot that deliver earnings consistently. Robots are programmed to work twenty-four hours a day, exceeding how the market is working so you are guaranteed to get the most accurate information possible.

Another important aspect of a successful Forex Strategy is good money management. This specifically means that you should consider the risk of market going against your trade by apply Stop Loss strategy. You should also consider investing on smaller trader at first until you have more success and become confident. If you experience occasional losses, never feel the need to chase them and get back the amount of loss you incur the fastest time possible. If you believe that you have chosen the strategy which owns around 70% success rate, then you no longer need to freak out and deviate from the plan and your strategy as there is a guarantee that profit will be received in the long run.

Just practice the proper trading discipline and you will get your rewards in no time.

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How does an Accelerometer Work?


An accelerometer is an instrument for measuring acceleration, detecting and measuring vibrations, or for measuring acceleration due to gravity (inclination). Accelerometers can be used to measure vibration on vehicles, machines, buildings, process control systems and safety installations. They can also be used to measure seismic activity, inclining, machine vibration, dynamic distance and speed with or without the influence of gravity.


Used for calculating acceleration and measuring vibrations, the accelerometer is capable of detecting even the slightest movements, from the tilting of a building to small vibration caused by a musical instrument. Inside the accelerometer sensor minute structures are present that produces electrical charges if the sensor experiences any movement.
Accelerometers need to be placed on the surface of the object in order to determine the vibrations. It is not capable of working in isolation or apart from the object it is required to assess, it must be firmly attached to the object in order to give precise readings.


The two kinds of basic accelerometers are:


At times Inputs and output statements also matters especially when it comes to determining the kind of accelerator that needs to be placed on a certain object. If the output is digital then a digital accelerometer must be placed and vice versa. The main feature of this accelerometer is that the output tends to change when there is even a slight change in the input.
The most common type of this accelerometer is used in airbags of automobiles, to note the sudden drop in the speed of the vehicle and to trigger the airbag release. Even laptops are now being equipped with accelerometers in order to protect the hard drive against any physical dangers, caused mainly due to accidental drops.


The digital accelerometer is more sophisticated than the analog. Here the amount of high voltage time is proportional to the acceleration. One of its major advantages is that it is more stable and produces a direct output signal. Accelerometers are now also used in aerospace and many military applications, such as rocket launch, weapon fire system, rocket deployment etc. Many a times these accelerometers are used to protect fragile equipment during cargo transportation, and report any strain that might cause a possible damage. Some companies have also managed to develop a wireless 3-axis accelerometers which are not only low in cost but are also shock durable. This 3-axis accelerometer has sensors that are used to protect mobiles and music players. Also these sensors are used in some of the devices used for traffic navigation and control.


Depending upon the kind of work, the accelerometers vary in the way they are prepared and how they work. Some accelerometers use piezoelectricity, these are man-made. In such accelerometers the acceleration is calculated based upon the charges derived from the microscopic crystalline structures when they are accelerated due to motion.


Another kind works with the capacitance and the changes initiated within it as a result of some accelerating force. This technology is used from automotive industry to agriculture industry and from NASA to military researches and operations.


This device is used to measure strain in an object, which is detected by a foil strain element. If the object, to which the gauge is attached is some how deformed that creates electrical charges and is known as the gauge factor.



Due to high demand and wide spread use of accelerometers in the automotive industry and new hi-tech technology, these sensors are now light weight and are available at low cost and reduced prices.


Microphones also carry accelerometers. That is how they are able to detect the minute frequencies.


The forces that can cause vibrations which are detected by the accelerometer can be static, dynamic or gravitational. Certain accelerometers are rated G. G stands for Gravity. Such accelerometers are used mostly in robotics. They are more sensitive to motion and can be triggered at the slightest changes in gravitational pulls.

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How Blockchain Works

Blockchain is a piece of software designed to create decentralized databases.

The system is entirely "open source", meaning that anyone is able to view, edit and propose changes to its underlying code base.

Whilst it has become increasingly popular thanks to Bitcoin's growth – it's actually been around since 2008, making it around a decade old (ancient in computing terms).

The most important point about "blockchain" is that it was designed to create applications that do not require a central data processing service. This means that if you're using a system build on top of it (sometimes Bitcoin) – your data will be stored on 1,000's of "independent" servers around the world (not owned by any central service).

The way the service works is by creating a "ledger". This ledger allows users to create "transactions" with each other – having the contents of those transactions stored in new "blocks" of each "blockchain" database.

Depending on the application creating the transactions, they should be encrypted with different algorithms. Because this encryption uses cryptography to "scramble" the data stored in each new "block", the term "crypto" describes the process of cryptographically securing any new blockchain data that an application may create.

To fully understand how it works, you must appreciate that "blockchain" is not new technology – it just uses technology in a slightly different way. The core of it is a data graph known as "merkle trees". Merkle trees are essentially ways for computer systems to store chronologically ordered "versions" of a data-set, allowing them to manage continuous upgrades to that data.

The reason this is important is because current "data" systems are what could be described as "2D" – meaning they do not have any way to track updates to the core dataset. The data is basically kept entirely as it is – with any updates applied directly to it. Whilst there's nothing wrong with this, it does pose a problem in that it means that data either has to be updated manually, or its very difficult to update.

The solution that "blockchain" provides is essentially the creation of "versions" of the data. Each "block" added to a "chain" (a "chain" being a database) gives a list of new transactions for that data. This means that if you're able to tie this functionality into a system which facilitates the transaction of data between two or more users (messaging etc), you'll be able to create an entirely independent system.

This is what we've seen with the likes of Bitcoin. Contrary to popular belief, Bitcoin is not a "currency" in itself; it's a public ledger of financial transactions.

This public ledger is encrypted so that only the participants in the transactions are able to see / edit the data (hence the name "crypto") … but more so, the fact that the data is stored-on, and processed-by 1,000's of servers around the world means the service can operate independently of any banks (its main draw).

Obviously, problems with Bitcoin's underlying idea etc, the underpin of the service is that it's basically a system that works across a network of processing machines (called "miners"). These are all running the "blockchain" software – and work to "compile" new transactions into "blocks" that keeps the Bitcoin database as up to date as possible.

Whilst many people have blindly supported support for blockchain, it's actually got a number of vulnerabilities – most certainly that it relates almost entirely on the encryption algorithms employed by its various applications. If one of these algorithms fails, or users are compromised in any way, the entire "blockchain" infrastructure could suffer as a result.

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